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Sitting on a windswept island surrounded by an immeasurable number of seabirds wheeling through the air, a cacophony of noise and clamour is echoing off the cliffs around me. This is a scene I often dream about, but I am equally contented lazing in a sunny meadow full of butterflies or strolling through an ancient woodland in the rain. I can usually be found with a combination of various naturalists' essentials in my hands: camera, binoculars, butterfly net, field notebook, ringing plyers…you get the idea!

I am a young naturalist and (rather occasional) wildlife photographer with an affection for all wildlife. Having said that I have developed a soft-spot for seabirds and am a self-diagnosed ‘islomanic’ - someone with an obsessional enthusiasm or partiality for islands.

I have recently graduated from the University of Exeter in Cornwall with a BSc in Zoology and I am hoping to pursue a career in practical conservation. I am an avid conservation volunteer and have been lucky enough to visit and volunteer in a number of amazing places including Transylvania, Rathlin Island and Skomer Island. I have volunteered on Skomer Island four times (it’s somewhere I just can’t stop returning to), most recently to help with the whole-island Manx Shearwater Census – a muddy and repetitive task!

This website and blog is somewhere for me to share some of my favourite photographs from over the years and write snippets from my travels and volunteering adventures!